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Olival do Basto Fast Facts
Other Names:
Country: Portugal
National Flag:
State/Province: Lisboa
Country Capital: Lisbon
Timezone: GMT 0h
Languages: Portuguese
Airports: Portela (LIS)
Electricity: 230 V /50 Hz
Electrical Outlets:
Type CType F
Latitude: 38.7833
Longitude: -9.1667
Driving Lane: Right
Convent of Christ in Tomar  Originally designed as a monument symbolizing the Reconquest, the Convent of the Knights Templar of Tomar (transferred in 1344 to the Knights of the Order of Christ) came to symbolize just the opposite during the Manueline period – the opening up of Portugal to other civilizations.
Cultural Landscape of Sintra  In the 19th century Sintra became the first centre of European Romantic architecture. Ferdinand II turned a ruined monastery into a castle where this new sensitivity was displayed in the use of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance elements and in the creation of a park blending local and exotic species of trees. Other fine dwellings, built along the same lines in the surrounding serra, created a unique combination of parks and gardens which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.
Historic Centre of Évora  This museum-city, whose roots go back to Roman times, reached its golden age in the 15th century, when it became the residence of the Portuguese kings. Its unique quality stems from the whitewashed houses decorated with azulejos and wrought-iron balconies dating from the 16th to the 18th century. Its monuments had a profound influence on Portuguese architecture in Brazil.
Monastery of Alcobaça  The Monastery of Santa Maria d'Alcobaça, north of Lisbon, was founded in the 12th century by King Alfonso I. Its size, the purity of its architectural style, the beauty of the materials and the care with which it was built make this a masterpiece of Cistercian Gothic art.
Monastery of Batalha  The Monastery of the Dominicans of Batalha was built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over the Castilians at the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. It was to be the Portuguese monarchy's main building project for the next two centuries. Here a highly original, national Gothic style evolved, profoundly influenced by Manueline art, as demonstrated by its masterpiece, the Royal Cloister.
Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belém in Lisbon  Standing at the entrance to Lisbon harbour, the Monastery of the Hieronymites - construction of which began in 1502 - exemplifies Portuguese art at its best. The nearby Tower of Belém, built to commemorate Vasco da Gama's expedition, is a reminder of the great maritime discoveries that laid the foundations of the modern world.
Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves
Oper de São Carlos
Olival do Basto Currency & Exchange Rates
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Exchange Rates: Sorry, exchange rate data for this country is not available.
Olival do Basto 6-Day Weather Forecast

14/9°C   57/48°F

15/5°C   59/41°F

10/2°C   50/36°F
Chance of Rain

10/4°C   50/39°F
Chance of Rain

12/2°C   54/36°F
Chance of Rain

13/5°C   55/41°F
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Olival do Basto Climate
Climate data for Olival do Basto, Portugal (metric units)
MonthMax Temp [°C]Mean Temp [°C]Min Temp [°C]Rainfall [mm]
JAN 11 120.0
FEB 12 99.2
MAR 14 81.5
APR 15 60.2
MAY 18 -72.8
JUN 21 -179.1
JUL 22 -110.1
AUG 23 -248.5
SEP 21 36.7
OCT 18 125.6
NOV 14 120.9
DEC 11 98.1
Climate data for Olival do Basto, Portugal (U.S units)
MonthMax Temp [°F]Mean Temp [°F]Min Temp [°F]Rainfall [in]
JAN 51.8 4.7
FEB 53.6 3.9
MAR 57.2 3.2
APR 59 2.3
MAY 64.4 -2.8
JUN 69.8 -7.0
JUL 71.6 -4.3
AUG 73.4 -9.7
SEP 69.8 1.4
OCT 64.4 4.9
NOV 57.2 4.7
DEC 51.8 3.8
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Olival do Basto Map
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Travel Routes and Local Tours
The following airlines/transport companies stop at Olival do Basto:
Aer LingusCommercial airlinehttp://www.aerlingus.com/
Aigle AzurCommercial airlinehttp://www.aigle-azur.fr/
Air BerlinCommercial airlinehttp://www.airberlin.com/
Air FranceCommercial airlinehttp://www.airfrance.com/
Air OneCommercial airlinehttp://www.flyairone.it/
All Nippon AirwaysCommercial airlinehttp://www.ana.co.jp/
American AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.aa.com/
Blue AirCommercial airlinehttp://www.blueair-web.com/
bmibabyCommercial airlinehttp://www.bmibaby.com/
British AirwaysCommercial airlinehttp://www.britishairways.com/
Chanchangi AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.chanchangi-airlines.com/
Continental AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.continental.com/
Croatia AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.croatiaairlines.hr/
easyJetCommercial airlinehttp://www.easyjet.com/
EgyptAirCommercial airlinehttp://www.egyptair.com.eg/
FinnairCommercial airlinehttp://www.finnair.com/
FlybeCommercial airlinehttp://www.flybe.com/
Flyglobespan Commercial airline
GermanwingsCommercial airlinehttp://www.germanwings.com/
HLX (Hapag-Lloyd Express)Commercial airlinehttp://www.hlx.com/
IberiaCommercial airlinehttp://www.iberia.com/
Jet2Commercial airlinehttp://www.jet2.com/
KLMCommercial airlinehttp://www.klm.com/
LAMCommercial airlinehttp://www.lam.co.mz/
LOT Polish AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.lot.com/
LufthansaCommercial airlinehttp://www.lufthansa.com/
LuxairCommercial airlinehttp://www.luxair.lu/
Monarch AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.monarch-airlines.com/
Niki Commercial airline
Norwegian Air ShuttleCommercial airlinehttp://www.norwegian.no/
Royal Air MarocCommercial airlinehttp://www.royalairmaroc.com/
RyanairCommercial airlinehttp://www.ryanair.com/
SASCommercial airlinehttp://www.scandinavian.net/
SATA InternationalCommercial airlinehttp://www.sata.pt/
Sky EuropeCommercial airlinehttp://www.skyeurope.com/
SN Brussels AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.flysn.com/
South African AirwaysCommercial airlinehttp://www.flysaa.com/
SpanairCommercial airlinehttp://www.spanair.com/
SpiceJetCommercial airlinehttp://www.spicejet.com/
Swiss International Air LinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.swiss.com/
TAAG - Linhas Aereas de AngolaCommercial airlinehttp://www.taag-airlines.com/
TACVCommercial airlinehttp://www.tacv.cv/
TAMCommercial airlinehttp://www.tam.com.br/
TAP PortugalCommercial airlinehttp://www.flytap.com/
TransaviaCommercial airlinehttp://www.transavia.nl/
TunisairCommercial airlinehttp://www.tunisair.com.tn/
Turkish AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.turkishairlines.com/
Ukraine International AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.ukraine-international.com/
United AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.united.com/
US AirwaysCommercial airlinehttp://www.usairways.com/
VuelingCommercial airlinehttp://www.vueling.com/

The following companies are local tour or transport operators in Olival do Basto:
Sorry, we don't have any local tour operators listed.
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