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San Carlos Sija Fast Facts
Other Names: San Carlos,Sija
Country: Guatemala
National Flag:
State/Province: Quetzaltenango
Country Capital: Guatemala City
Timezone: GMT -6h
Languages: Spanish
Airports: Ambriz (AAZ)
Huehuetenango (HUG)
Electricity: 120 V /60 Hz
Electrical Outlets:
Type AType BType GType I
Latitude: 14.9833
Longitude: -91.5500
Driving Lane: Right
San Carlos Sija Currency & Exchange Rates
Currency: Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ)
Exchange Rates: Sorry, exchange rate data for this country is not available.
San Carlos Sija 6-Day Weather Forecast

19/12°C   66/54°F
Chance of Rain

18/11°C   64/52°F
Chance of Rain

20/12°C   68/54°F
Partly Cloudy

20/12°C   68/54°F
Partly Cloudy

19/11°C   66/52°F
Partly Cloudy

21/11°C   70/52°F
Partly Cloudy
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San Carlos Sija Climate
Climate data for San Carlos Sija, Guatemala (metric units)
MonthMax Temp [°C]Mean Temp [°C]Min Temp [°C]Rainfall [mm]
JAN 14 2.7
FEB 15 18.4
MAR 17 28.9
APR 19 36.5
MAY 19 133.7
JUN 18 179.5
JUL 17 108.0
AUG 17 117.4
SEP 17 227.5
OCT 17 95.4
NOV 15 20.5
DEC 14 8.6
Climate data for San Carlos Sija, Guatemala (U.S units)
MonthMax Temp [°F]Mean Temp [°F]Min Temp [°F]Rainfall [in]
JAN 57.2 0.1
FEB 59 0.7
MAR 62.6 1.1
APR 66.2 1.4
MAY 66.2 5.2
JUN 64.4 7.0
JUL 62.6 4.2
AUG 62.6 4.6
SEP 62.6 8.9
OCT 62.6 3.7
NOV 59 0.8
DEC 57.2 0.3
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San Carlos Sija Map
Latest News for San Carlos Sija
Travel Routes and Local Tours
The following airlines/transport companies stop at San Carlos Sija:
ABC Aerolineas Commercial airline
Aeromar Commercial airline
AeromexicoCommercial airlinehttp://www.aeromexico.com/
American AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.aa.com/
AviacsaCommercial airlinehttp://www.aviacsa.com.mx/
Continental AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.continental.com/
Copa AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.copaair.com/
CubanaCommercial airlinehttp://www.cubana.cu/
Delta Air LinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.delta.com/
IberiaCommercial airlinehttp://www.iberia.com/
Lacsa Commercial airline
Lan AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.lan.com/
MexicanaCommercial airlinehttp://www.mexicana.com/
Spirit AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.spiritair.com/
TasairCommercial airlinehttp://www.tasair.com.au/
United AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.united.com/
US AirwaysCommercial airlinehttp://www.usairways.com/

The following companies are local tour or transport operators in San Carlos Sija:
Sorry, we don't have any local tour operators listed.
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