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El entrego Fast Facts
Other Names: L'entregu
Country: Spain
National Flag:
State/Province: Principality of Asturias
Country Capital: Madrid
Timezone: GMT +1h
Languages: Spanish
Airports: Asturias (OVD)
Electricity: 230 V /50 Hz
Electrical Outlets:
Type CType F
Latitude: 43.2875
Longitude: -5.6380
Driving Lane: Right
Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain  Seventeen decorated caves of the Paleolithic age were inscribed as an extension to the Altamira Cave, inscribed in 1985. The property will now appear on the List as Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain. The property represents the apogee of Paleolithic cave art that developed across Europe, from the Urals to the Iberian Peninusula, from 35,000 to 11,000 BC. Because of their deep galleries, isolated from external climatic influences, these caves are particularly well preserved. The caves are inscribed as masterpieces of creative genius and as the humanity's earliest accomplished art. They are also inscribed as exceptional testimonies to a cultural tradition and as outstanding illustrations of a significant stage in human history.
Las Médulas  In the 1st century A.D. the Roman Imperial authorities began to exploit the gold deposits of this region in north-west Spain, using a technique based on hydraulic power. After two centuries of working the deposits, the Romans withdrew, leaving a devastated landscape. Since there was no subsequent industrial activity, the dramatic traces of this remarkable ancient technology are visible everywhere as sheer faces in the mountainsides and the vast areas of tailings, now used for agriculture.
Monuments of Oviedo and the Kingdom of the Asturias  In the 9th century the flame of Christianity was kept alive in the Iberian peninsula in the tiny Kingdom of the Asturias. Here an innovative pre-Romanesque architectural style was created that was to play a significant role in the development of the religious architecture of the peninsula. Its highest achievements can be seen in the churches of Santa María del Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo, Santa Cristina de Lena, the Cámara Santa and San Julián de los Prados, in and around the ancient capital city of Oviedo. Associated with them is the remarkable contemporary hydraulic engineering structure known as La Foncalada.
Route of Santiago de Compostela  Santiago de Compostela was proclaimed the first European Cultural itinerary by the Council of Europe in 1987. This route from the French-Spanish border was – and still is – taken by pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. Some 1,800 buildings along the route, both religious and secular, are of great historic interest. The route played a fundamental role in encouraging cultural exchanges between the Iberian peninsula and the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. It remains a testimony to the power of the Christian faith among people of all social classes and from all over Europe.
Archivo Histórico de Asturias
Aula de Interpretación del Pozu Espinos
Campo Municipal de Llanes
Campo Municipal La Llorea
Campo Municipal Las Caldas
Casa del Agua
Casa del Oso
Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer
Centro de Escultura Museo «Antón»
Centro de Interpretación Armando Palacio Valdés
Club Parayas
El Tragamón
Exposición Permanente de la Industria Conservera de Candás
Fundación Archivo de Indianos-Museo de la Emigración
I.E.S. Bernaldo de Quirós
La Rasa de Berbes
LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Museo Arqueológico de Asturias
Museo Barjola
Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos
Museo Costumbrista Benjamín Pumarada
Museo de Anclas Philippe Cousteau
Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias
Museo de la Minería y de la Industria
Museo de la Siderurgia
Museo de la Sidra
Museo del Bosque
Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias
Museo del Jurasico de Asturias
Museo del Oro de Asturias
Museo del Pueblo de Asturias
Museo Etnográfico de Gallegos
Museo etnográfico de la Lecheria
Museo Evaristo Valle
Museo Maritimo de Luanco
Museo Nicanor Piñole
Museo Vaqueiro de Asturias
Nido del Urogallo
Parque Arqueológico Natural de la Campa Torres
Parque de la Vida
Pinacoteca Eduardo Urculo
Poblado Minero de Bustiello
Termas Romanas de Campo Valdés
El entrego Currency & Exchange Rates
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Exchange Rates: Sorry, exchange rate data for this country is not available.
El entrego 6-Day Weather Forecast
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El entrego Climate
Climate data for El entrego, Spain (metric units)
MonthMax Temp [°C]Mean Temp [°C]Min Temp [°C]Rainfall [mm]
JAN 8 102.6
FEB 8 75.5
MAR 10 87.0
APR 11 80.2
MAY 14 86.7
JUN 17 57.3
JUL 18 43.6
AUG 19 60.0
SEP 17 65.3
OCT 15 100.7
NOV 10 137.8
DEC 8 101.6
Climate data for El entrego, Spain (U.S units)
MonthMax Temp [°F]Mean Temp [°F]Min Temp [°F]Rainfall [in]
JAN 46.4 4.0
FEB 46.4 2.9
MAR 50 3.4
APR 51.8 3.1
MAY 57.2 3.4
JUN 62.6 2.2
JUL 64.4 1.7
AUG 66.2 2.3
SEP 62.6 2.5
OCT 59 3.9
NOV 50 5.4
DEC 46.4 4.0
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El entrego Map
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Travel Routes and Local Tours
The following airlines/transport companies stop at El entrego:
Air BerlinCommercial airlinehttp://www.airberlin.com/
Air EuropaCommercial airlinehttp://www.air-europa.com/
Air FranceCommercial airlinehttp://www.airfrance.com/
Air MauritiusCommercial airlinehttp://www.airmauritius.com/
Amber AirCommercial airlinehttp://www.amberair.lt/
American AirlinesCommercial airlinehttp://www.aa.com/
easyJetCommercial airlinehttp://www.easyjet.com/
IberiaCommercial airlinehttp://www.iberia.com/
KLMCommercial airlinehttp://www.klm.com/
Royal WingsCommercial airlinehttp://www.royalwings.com.jo/
RyanairCommercial airlinehttp://www.ryanair.com/
SpanairCommercial airlinehttp://www.spanair.com/

The following companies are local tour or transport operators in El entrego:
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